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NB: The pieces by Alvin Curran, Jacob Sello and Nicolas Collins require a different interface and can not be displayed here.

  • echoic memory capsule by Rama Gottfried

  • Musk by Cat Hope

  • dekompression by Lindsay Vickery

  • Roomtone Variations by Nicolas Collins

  • Re:Sonate by Jacob Sello

  • Symphony for a Tunnel by Georg Hajdu

    Notes from Underground 2 by Alvin Curran
    Underground 2 Instructions
    Notes from Underground 2: guitar parts

    Spiral by Seonghee Lee

    Dodekaederstern by Tsz Him Cheung
    Dodekaederstern Instructions

    Blues by Jan Wegmann
    Blues Instructions

    texculpting by Victor Gutiérrez Cuiza

    Kinderszenen by Dong Zhou
    Kinderszenen Instructions

    Lónglóng by Minzuo Lu

    The Maiden, the mother and the Hag by Tâm Phạm

    Happiness by Benjamin Wong
    Happiness Instructions

    Open Fields by Alessandro Anatrini
    Open Fields Instructions

    Growing by Xiao Fu
    Growing Instructions

    Chakra by Tzu-Ning Liao

    Der Frühling des goldenen Schweins by Shing-Kwei Tzeng